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M/S Museum for Maritime Affairs

The maritime Museum - exhibition
The maritime Museum - projector

When the Maritime Museum moved from Kronborg Castle to its own location after almost 100 years, it was only natural that both the surroundings and the design should fall completely in line with the museums theme. The museum is now, unsurprisingly, in the old dry dock in Helsingør, and the building itself is designed like a ship, which gives visitors the illusion of being at sea. The museum route gradually descends, and the floor is constantly inclined at 3 degrees, so that during the entire museum visit you get the feeling that the crashing waves cause the ship to tilt slightly to the side.

All the AV installations are an important element in maintaining the illusion of being on the open sea; the many different exhibitions contain all different types of AV installations such as panoramic views, interactive installations, games and even projector screens designed as portholes looking out to sea.

Such a special construction naturally also contained a number of challenges, in that the floor in the museum was not level and nothing in the room therefore had the same height, and this had to be compensated for when the projectors had to be installed.

The actual work with the video material was also extremely time-consuming, since more than 1000 gigabytes of 4K material had to be reproduced. All in all, it took more than 2000 man-hours with video rendering, stitching and soft-blending, and Stouenborgs skilled team had to work at high pressure.

But the hard work paid off, because everything in the Maritime Museum – from the construction and location to the video, light and sound side – plays together and forms a complete story about Denmark as a maritime nation, which is so convincing that it becomes a museum experience, the visitors not just forget like that.

The maritime Museum - exhibition

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