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Örebro Universitet (USÖ)

Örebro University auditorium
Örebro University auditorium
Örebro University auditorium

Since the summer of 2020, Stouenborg has worked together with Örebro University and Örebro County Region on the remodeling and expansion of the campus at Örebro University Hospital (USÖ). 

​In this connection, Stouenborg has provided AV, acoustics, sound and light consultancy for the large Hörsal at the heart of the upcoming building.


The auditorium/Hörsalen will be the largest teaching room at USÖ when it is completed in 2023 and packed with modern AV equipment. In collaboration, both the university and Stouenborg have found ways in which the advanced technology can be operated by future users simply and easily. The future auditorium/Hörsal will also be equipped with true voice lift. True voice-lift is characterized by being able to change both the acoustics in the room but also give users the opportunity to speak freely without the use of wireless microphones. The upcoming voicelift system will have three functions as it can be used for voicelift (swelling of the voice), Q&A (allowing you to ask questions from the audience) and focus acoustic. 

Furthermore, Stouenborg had to produce a specially designed product for the project. Here we are talking about the microphone floor well, which was to be used in the Hörsalen. You can read more about the microphone floor well here.

​Stouenborg works closely with Serneke AB, which is the main contractor, and Xpecta, which is the AV supplier. In addition to providing advice, Stouenborg has also been selected to carry out the acoustic construction and implementation of the Voice lift system.

You can also read about our project with Mungo Park Theatre.

Örebro University auditorium
Örebro Universitets kantine
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