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About Stouenborg ApS

First, there was one

When Kasper Stouenborg in year 2000 started the company, was it single-handedly. With an education from ‘Statens Teater-Skole’ as light-designer, Kasper wanted to offer video- and light-design to theatres, and he also wanted to manage rental service and sale, like the Stouenborg still does. Both the early installations as well as the later ones is available in the “Projects” site on this website.

And then the sound came

In 2010, the friend from university, Anders Jørgensen, joined Stouenborg with speciality within sound design and sound engineering. This power made Stouenborg able to deliver within both sound, light and video. It also became possible to offer full AV solutions and client design advice for bigger and more comprehensive installations.

Creative technical skill

With background in light, sound and video from the theatre world, Stouenborg have a native flair of conveying histories and catching the audience, so that they remember. The technical approach is therefore supplemented with a big professional knowledge within experience-culture, and that makes Stouenborg a different kind of a total supplier.

So what now?
Since Kasper initiated the company, Stouenborg is now one of Denmark’s preferred collaborators within AV-solutions, client design advice, rental and sale.

Today, we have grown to 8 permanently employed people, with a base on Zealand. Our goal for the future, is to continue with making experiences that gives the audience full stories, and to give the customers a technical solution that is easily usable and with the best quality.

Winner of InAVate AWARD i 2018
Islands 100 years celebration show
The Blue Planet
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