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About Stouenborg

First there was onen

When Kasper Stouenborg started the company in 2000, it was as one man. With training from the Statens Teaterskole as a lighting designer, Kasper wanted to offer video and lighting design for theaters and in addition run rentals and sales, which the company still does to this day. Both the early and later installations can be seen in "projects" here on the website.

Company of the Year at Inavation Award 2024

And then there was sound

In 2010, old study mate Anders Jørgensen, specializing in sound design and sound engineering, joined to Stouenborg. The combined forces made Stouenborg delivery experts in both light, sound and video and it became possible to offer complete AV solutions and client advice for more extensive installations.

Creative technique

With a background in light, sound and video from the world of theatre, Stouenborg has a natural sense of conveying stories that captivate and are remembered by the audience. The technical approach is therefore supplemented by a great deal of professional knowledge within the culture of experience, which makes Stouenborg a different total supplier. We both advise and develop the creative content and take care of the entire technical part of an installation. We are involved from start-up to final quality assurance of the finished product.

Islands 100 års fejring
The Blue Planet

What now?

Since Kasper started the company, Stouenborg has become one of the country's preferred partners in AV solutions, client consultancy, letting and sales.


Today, we have grown to 8 permanent employees based in Zealand.

Our goal for the future is to continue to create experiences that give users integrated narratives and customers a technical solution that is easy to use and of the best quality.

Østre Gasværk Theater

Since Stouenborg was founded, we have dealt with many exciting tasks - large and small. Over the years, we have been and are still being recognized for the work we do, for which we are incredibly grateful.

In what follows, you can see and read about, among other things, some of the projects we have done that have received an award or written an article about.

It is also possible to read about some of our previously held seminars, which include speakers such as John Meyer (Founder of Meyer Sound) and Buford Jones (Pink Floyd sound man).


Company of the Year at Inavation Award 2024

Inavation Award 24'


LIFE campus - inavate award 2022.jpg

Inavation Award 22'

LIFE Campus

Class of 2019 40over40 Dark Logo Kasper_Stouenborg.jpg

Inavate 40 under 40 2019

Kasper Stouenborg

Billede collage af museer

Top 5 on "CI industry leaders"

in 2014, 2015 og 2016

The Blue Planet

Integration Award 14'

The Blue Planet

TheatreMax Mondo DR winner

Mondo DR 23'


Nick Cave - inavation award 2021.jpg

Inavation Award 21'

Nick Cave Exhibition

Anders Jørgsen vinder af consultant of the year til InAVation award 2019

Inavation Award 2019

Anders Jørgensen

Projektet vi lavede for Rigshospitalet

AV Award 15'


The Blue Planet

AV Award 14'

The Blue Planet

Sonic College - inavation award 2023.jpg

Inavation Award 23'

Sonic College

Falkoner salen

AV Award 20'

Falkoner Salen

Mærk Tower - inavation awrds 2017.jpg

Inovation Award 17'

Mærsk Tower

The Blue Planet

Inavation Award 14'

The Blue Planet

InAVate AWARD - Jyske Bank 003.jpg

AV Award 14'

Jyske Bank


Bilelde af InAVate artikelens første side.jpg

InAVate November 23'

Carl Nielsen Museum

Inavate Magazine's forside April 2023

InAVate April 23'

Østre Gasværk Theater

Inavate magazine forside for januar 2022 med LIFE Campus

InAVate January 22'

LIFE Campus

Inavation artikel om Nick Cave

InAVate September 20'

Nick Cave Exhibition

Inavate klumme om klima

InAVate Sep 19'

Clima - Anders Jørgensen

Billede af InAVate artiklen.jpg

InAVate Jan 17'

Panum (Mærsk Tower)

Brief okt 14 anders.jpg

Brief Oct 14'

Anders (The Blue Planet)

Mondo DR Feb 14 The Standard.jpg

Mondo DR Feb 14'

The Standard

InAVate Juli 12 KPMG

InAVate July 12'


Forside til artikel_edited.jpg

Byggeri+Arkitektur #129

October 2023


InAVate November 22'

Sonic College

Forside fra mondo dr short brief.jpg

Mondo DR Jan/feb 22'

Aha Livestage

Inavate Magazine forside fra maj 2020 med Statens Museum for Kunst

InAVate May 20'

State Museum of Art

Inavate Nov 2016 RAGNAROCK

InAVate Nov 19'


monitor artikel Panum.jpg

Monitor Aug 15'

Panum (Mærsk Tower)

Commercial integrator jul 2014.jpg

CI July 14'

The Blue Planet

Inavate artikel om Søfartsmuseet

InAVate November 13'

Museum for Maritime Affairs

monitor Feb 12 Odense teater.jpg

Monitor Feb 12'

Odense Theater

forside til mondo dr artikel.jpg

Mondo DR may/june 23'

Østre Gasværk Theater

Inavate artikkel om HC Andersens hus

InAVate May 22'

H. C. Andersens House

AARCH inavate November 21.jpg

InAVate November 21'

Aarhus Architecture School

Inavate artikel Jan 20.jpg

InAVate Jan 20'

Falconer salen

Inavate Jan 2019 - VR.jpg

InAVate Jan 19'


Inavate December 2014 Riget.jpg

InAVate Dec 14'


Inavate artikel om Jyske Bank

InAVate May 14'

Jyske Bank

Inavation artikel om Den Blå Planet

InAVate June 13'

The Blue Planet

Monitor maj 11 Udbud.jpg

Monitor May 11'

Up and down in supply

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