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AV Table

Sketch for Mobile Acoustic Wall
Sketch for Mobile Acoustic Wall

Over the past 8 years, Stouenborg has developed and produced special solutions for various projects that suit the users needs. In collaboration with the users, we have developed AV tables that Stouenborgs carpenters have built for the projects. We have used the tables in project such as LIFE CampusMaersk Tower and The School of Architecture in Aarhus.

3D drawing for Mobile Acoustic Wall

An AV table is not just a table, but a piece of furniture that both contains technology and must be functional at the same time. This has been the focal point in the development of the AV desks. In the same way, the solutions are tailored purely in terms of material so that for the School of Architecture in Aarhus they have the same type of wood as is used in the rest of the building, whereas for the LIFE Campus Hi-Mac has been chosen as the material as it can be disinfected and wiped off from bacteria.

The ergonomic side has also been considered in the tables and therefore a foam and cardboard mockup has been produced to ensure ease of use and ergonomics before the production of the tables is started. Furthermore, all tables with raised and lowered frames are of a Danish production brand, so that quality is paramount.

Wheels on Mobile Acoustic Wall
The edge of Mobile Acoustic Wall
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