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Carl Nielsen - Traveling exhibition

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Carl Nielsen - Traveling exhibition "Music is life"
Carl Nielsen - traveling exhibition - cables
Carl Nielsen - Traveling exhibition "Music is life"

"Music is life" said the famous composer Carl Nielsen, and on the occasion of his 150th birthday, Odense City Museums created an international traveling exhibition with the same title, which told the story of the composers own life and music.

Kvorning design & communication created the exhibition and produced it as a turnkey contract for Odense City Museums. Stouenborg was Kvornings adviser and subcontractor on the development of several of the technical solutions.

The exhibition itself consists of seven modules, which convey the iconic composers story through sound, images and video. The museum had a dream that the exhibition should not only tell the composers life in pictures and text, but also quite literally play the music that was his life. Playing different pieces of music and complete passages can of course quickly create a lot of noise pollution where the exhibition is set up, but that problem was solved in a creative way. The stands are interactive and only start playing when the audience steps in front of the module to see and read. In addition to reducing noise, it also simultaneously makes the experience enormously personal and actively involves the audience in the exhibition.

Due to requirements for durability and sound quality, the choice fell on i.a. subwoofers at Meyer Sound, and the entire traveling exhibition is geared to both withstand changing weather conditions and adapt to the different environments around the world. Even with the high demands made by the museum, the exhibition was completed in just 2 months and began its world tour in New York, where the premiere – in the spirit of the composer – was marked by a series of concerts by the New York Philharmonics in Avery Fisher Hall.

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Carl Nielsen - Traveling exhibition "Music is life"
Photos: Odense City Museums, Kvorning design & communication and Stouenborg
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