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Dover Castle - tunnel
Dover Castle - exhibition

Deep beneath Dover Castle, hidden behind the familiar white rock walls, lies a secret. A 6.4 km long network of underground tunnels, used during World War II. Until 1984 they were kept hidden from the public, but today they have been transformed into a museum by English Heritage in collaboration with Kvorning design & communication.

Kvorning design & communication created the more than 6,000 square meter exhibition and delivered the turnkey solution for English Heritage. Stouenborg was Kvornings advisor and subcontractor on the development of sound universes and systems.

When visitors enter the exhibition "Operation Dynamo" and especially in the section "The Battle of France", they are surrounded by authentic sounds from the war. The soundtrack consists of realistic war sounds in the background, while original recordings of voices echo through the tunnels. Installing the many speakers in the tunnels was no easy task. In order to preserve the historic tunnels, a large surround sound system could not be easily installed. Therefore, the choice fell on Meyer Sounds MM-4XP miniature loudspeakers, which could be fitted invisibly into the exhibition. The speakers are both robust, so they can withstand the harsh environment in the tunnels, but they are also compact and able to reproduce the soundtrack so vividly that you feel as if the war is raging outside the tunnel.

In Dovers underground tunnels, history comes alive, and with the sound, visitors are taken back in time, where they can experience the horrors of war and the atmosphere in the tunnels during the evacuation of almost 400,000 Allied soldiers from Dunkirk to Dover in 10 hectic days during World War II. – "Operation Dynamo".

Dover Castle - exhibition

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Photo: Nicolai Perjesi Photography.
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