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'Flugt' Museum

Flugt museum enterence
Flugt museum exhibition

The FLUGT museum conveys what it means to be a refugee today and at all times. It gives voice to all refugees in the world.

In the curved building, the museums narrative connects the local history of the Oksbøllejren, which housed Germans fleeing the Red Armys fierce attack on Nazi Germany in the last years of the war
months. When the camp was largest, 35,000 people lived in the camp in Aal Plantage. It is a chapter in Danish history that few people know about.

On top of that history, the museum tells what it means to be a refugee at all times. The Dutch company Tinker Imagineers has been the exhibition architects at FLUGT in close collaboration with the curators of the Vardemuseums. Stouenborg has advised on the technical content and the technique to support the experience design as well as provided all technical and audiovisual solutions.

– Tinker Imagineers develop the exhibition's approach together with the museums curators. Then we enter the picture and start working with the technique behind the story itself and give ideas on how to tell the story technically.

- We are their sparring partner in supporting the narrative with the technical means that must be included - sound, light, video and audio. Together we find solutions that can best help tell the given story with the help of AV, sound and light, says Anders Jørgensen, project manager at Stouenborg.

In the permanent exhibition at the museum, you go through nine rooms, each of which tells about being a refugee in its own way, says Anders Jørgensen:


- What does it mean to escape and what kind of journey are they on? Here we work to set a certain mood before moving on to the next room. There it may be that we say that it would be good to sit down and listen, or here you should be able to get close to the people who tell their story.

With a background in the world of theater and education from the Statens Teaterskole, it comes naturally to Stouenborg to create stories that provide experiences and are remembered by the users. We tell stories with technology.

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Flugt museum exhibition
Flugt museum exhibition
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