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Fredericia Theatre

Fredericia Theater - stage
Fredericia Theater - stage
Fredericia Theater

The Danish musical scene has really blossomed over the past few years. A large part of the credit for the renewed interest goes to Fredericia Theatre, whose versatile repertoire includes several original audience successes such as The Little Mermaid, Shubidua and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and even with a world premiere of Prince of Egypt from 2018. Big performances require big collaborators, and Fredericia Theater has both worked with Disney and none other than musical master Stephen Schwartz, who is behind some of the best-known musicals and has composed sound for several major Disney films.

Fredericia Theatres program is always full of terrific and critically acclaimed performances and sells more than 150,000 tickets every year. This is probably because their productions, in addition to being innovative, are always characterized by a consistently high quality. Something that also shows up to a large extent in the sound side.

In close dialogue with the theatres own experts, Stouenborg developed the sound system that is now used for all the theatres productions.  The system itself is Meyer Sounds LEOPARD D-Mitri, and ever since its installation in 2016, it has been used and adjusted specifically for each and every performance. This means that each performance has its own unique sound, regardless of where they are performed. Should The Hunchback from Notre Dame e.g. recreated at the Royal Theatre, the sound remains the same, because the system can be adapted to the special requirements of the new space in terms of sound. Each and every performance has its own magic, and the completed sound transports the audience into the universe of the performance from the moment the curtain goes up until it goes down again.

Fredericia Theater - The bell of notre dame

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