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KA-CHING! - Show me the money

The Money Shower form the exhibition  KA-CHING! - show me the money
KA-CHING! - show me the money
The bank from the exhibition KA-CHING! - show me the money

The history of money is almost as long as that of man. First it was cattle and other farm animals, which made it possible to trade and exchange things between us, and over time it became the coins and notes we know today.

The National Museum opened on 28 September 2022 for the exhibition called "KA-CHING! – Show me the money”. In the exhibition there are 4 universes – The Money Show, Showroom, Banken and Fremtiden, each of which gives an insight into how money controls our lives, what value is for a size and how to do well financially.

As a visitor, you not only step into the first universe of the story of the history of money, you also step into a game where the prize is nothing less than a trip to the money bath and a portrait on the cover of the money magazine "KA-CHING". And as always, there will be some who are born with advantages and others who have to work hard to get the money.

The exhibition is supported by the Augustine Foundation, the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation, the AP Møller Foundation, the Spar Nord Foundation and the Beckett Foundation.

Stouenborg has been responsible for all lighting design throughout the exhibition.

KA-CHING! - show me the money

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