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Canvas acoustic wall

Canvas acoustic wall - mock-up
Canvas acoustic wall - mock-up
Canvas acoustic wall - mock-up

Over the past 8 years, Stouenborg has developed and produced special solutions for various projects that suit the users' needs. At both Ørebro University, Mærsk Tower and Aarhus School of Architecture, Stouenborg was given the responsibility of coming up with an innovative way to incorporate acoustics and screens to show, for example, Power points. In the design process, we tested many different options where we could use an acoustic wall as a video surface. It quickly became clear that the auditoriums had a basic need for high-quality reproduction of images either via LED screens or projection from a projector. The LED walls were not possible to maketransparent and thus utilize an acoustic wall of absorbers that was behind it. Projection needed a projection screen to work and we tested many different screens before we found a screen that was sound transparent enough and simultaneously had enough image quality for a state of the art auditorium. For the solution to work, we used Micro perforated dug. 

The acoustics behind it were designed to both dampen the high frequencies but also the low frequencies. 

The construction was done with a back layer that acted as a membrane absorbent to absorb the low frequency sound. On the outside of the membrane absorber, we mounted a porous absobent to take the medium and high frequency sound spectra. The starting point for the memebran absorbent was the old SLAM principle, which in particular Voetmann acoustics and EBB consult have been the banner bearer for in DK.

The solution is highly effective and gives the possibility of using an otherwise "dead" projection surface for active acoustics. This reduces the challenges that could normally arise in the room.

Configuration of a canvas acoustic wall at Maersk Tower
Canvas acoustic wall at Maersk Tower
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