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LIFE Campus

LIFE Campus - control system
LIFE Campus
LIFE Campus

LIFE Campus is a new learning center and a unique gem that can give the experimental part of science education a boost, from kindergarten to high schools. A visit to LIFE Campus gives children and young people an insight into research methods from companies or universities research environments that schools and colleges do not normally have access to. Today LIFE Campus was inaugurated by HRH Crown Prince Frederik who, to mark the opening, planted a tree together with Lyngby Tårbæks book master.

In 2018, Stouenborg was invited to join the journey and creation of the future LIFE campus in Lyngby together with COWI, Rambøll, VLA Arkitekter, NT Consult and LIFEs future users. Through workshops and user processes, the foundation for the future Campus was laid. At Stouenborg, we have been involved all the way and worked intensively with AV systems, acoustics, sound and light in laboratories, meeting rooms and multi-rooms. Not only as advisers, but also with installation and programming of the more than 2500 units in the overall AV project. 

The multifunctional space, the Kolossalen, is ready to wow the many future visitors. Christine Antorini, who is the managing director, summarizes it as follows: 

In the "Colossal Hall", with a 360-degree projection, we can show children and young people natural science phenomena in completely new ways - from extreme weather as a consequence of climate change to atoms or the lunar landscape. The multi room gives us absolutely extraordinary opportunities to support our teaching process visually and auditorily".

Congratulations to the Novo Nordisk Foundation, LIFE Campus and all LIFE project employees.

The facade of LIFE Campus
LIFE Campus - Rack room

You can also read about our project with Kulturhuset Trommen.

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