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Projector Noise Box 

Projector noise box
Projector noise box hanging in a truss

Over the past 8 years, Stouenborg has developed and produced special solutions for various projects that suit the needs of the users.

Stouenborg originally developed these noise reduction boxes for the Mærsk Tower project, as they and Stouenborg themselves wanted to reduce the noise from the projectors in the auditorium.

The existing sound dampening boxes for projectors on the market were very large and required fresh air to be supplied. That's why Stouenborgs technicians constructed this noise box, which has a somewhat distinctive shape, which is due to the acoustic mirroring effect inside the box, while also ensuring a better air flow in the box. This makes it possible to dampen the projector noise considerably, and depending on which projector you install in the noise box, the attenuation will be from 10-18 dB.

Since a project noise box has been used in other projects, among other things Østre Gasværk Theatre.

Projector noise box
3D drawing of the projector noise box
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