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RAGNARock - the Danish Museum for Pop, Rock and Youth Culture

RAGNARock - Denmark's Rock Museum
RAGNARock - Denmark's Rock Museum entrance

Ragnarock is a fitting name for a museum that takes visitors on an exuberant journey through the history of the 1950’s music and youth culture. The museum is situated in Roskilde next to the iconic Roskilde Festival. Stouenborg worked as AV and light design consultants on the installations at the museum and was part of the process from start to finish.

The museum lives up to its name from the very beginning. Visitors are met by a flashy facade that glitters with thousands of golden rivets in real rock’n’roll style. In the elevator on the way to the exhibition, music is played through speakers in the corners, and upon arrival the guests are met by a fantastic light show with an interactive feature that allows visitors to control it - all designed by Stouenborg.

Many of the museum’s installations are geared toward interaction. Some are designed for sing-along or to test your skills as a groupie, while others allow you to choose the songs you want to listen to. Music is at the center of experience at Ragnarock, so naturally the sound aspects of the installations play an essential role. With so many exhibits incorporating sound elements, there was a genuine concern that the sounds from various installations would create background noise thus disturbing other facets of the exhibition. The simple and elegant solution to this problem was to install earphones at certain locations.

Just 18 months before the planned opening, the whole concept of the museum was suddenly changed. This shortened the timeframe of the project significantly. But Stouenborg and the rest of the team worked tirelessly and managed to help Ragnarock become a unique museum that provides an exciting, sensory experience.

RAGNARock - Denmark's Rock Museum

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