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Rigshospitalet - examination room
Rigshospitalet - waiting area

Rigshospitalet has had problems with scans of children for many years. The children often became insecure and scared and had difficulty lying still during the scans. The solution to the problem was to transform both the waiting room and the scanner room into a magical fantasy universe that the children meet at eye level and make them relax and forget all the scary things about the experience.

Already in the waiting room, the children are greeted by imaginative figures moving across the walls, which were real, living beings. While they wait, the children are given an iPad where they can choose their own playlist of films and entertainment to watch during the actual scan. When the children lie in the scanner, the selected content is projected directly onto the ceiling in the scanning room, so that the children are entertained, and not least distracted, during the entire process. Because the playlist is played on the ceiling, the children do not have to turn or turn their heads to watch the film, and in this way you can make the children lie completely still and relaxed during the scan. The choice of projectors was of course central to the installation and fell to Panasonic to overcome some of the many challenges; for example, projection screens or screens could not be installed, because the walls of the hospital must be clinically cleanable after use of the rooms.

The result of the project is an innovative approach to treating children, where the children can feel at home and relax without being frightened by the big, noisy machines. You both avoid using anesthesia and now achieve much better scan results, because the children lie much quieter in the safe omgielvinger.

Rigshospitalet - examination room

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