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Avicii Arena

Avicii Arena - Visualization
Avicii Arena - Visualization
Avicii Arena - Looking from the outside

Avicii Arena is located in Stockholm and was designed by Bergs Arkitektkontor in collaboration with a consortium, leading to the construction of the world's largest spherical building in 1989. The arena, which is composed of concrete, steel, aluminum, sheet metal, and glass, has a diameter of 110 meters and an interior height of 85 meters. The audience capacity varies: 13,850 for ice hockey games and approximately 16,000 for concerts. Metallica holds the attendance record with 17,303 visitors in May 2018.

Avicii Arena is now undergoing its first modernization in nearly 35 years, with the work expected to be completed in January 2025. SGA Fastigheter and NCC are collaborating with international specialists to meet modern requirements, including a new construction with movable panels and updated stands for an enhanced audience experience. Despite the modernizations, the arena’s unique cultural and historical value is being preserved with the help of the original architectural firm and experts

Stouenborg has recently been brought in as one of these experts for both consultancy and as an installation partner for the upcoming electroacoustic sound system and AV. The forthcoming electroacoustic system will be the first of its kind in this scale and size in the world.

In collaboration with Avicii Arena, SGAF, the general contractor NCC, and Meyer Sound, Stouenborg is currently designing and installing the upcoming Constellation system, which will help enhance the architectural spatial quality of Avicii Arena (formerly known as the Globe) in Stockholm.


The very complex and incredibly challenging work is further complicated by a very tight schedule. Therefore, everything is being built in BIM models down to the smallest screw, to ensure interface precision and minimize collisions.

In close collaboration with NCC, Efterklang (part of AFRY), and the Constellation team from Meyer Sound, we are implementing the complex and challenging installation, as well as tuning the many speakers and microphones that make up the new system.

When it is all completed, Avicii Arena will be equipped with a world-class electroacoustic system that is unmatched in many other places around the world.

If you want to see more about other Constellation systems we have integrated, you can look at projects such as the Mærsk Tower eller Örebro universitet.

Avicii Arena - Ice hockey match
Avicii Arena - Koncert
Avicii Arena - Visualization
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