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The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet - information board
The Blue Planet
The Blue Planet - The big aquarium

On the Blue Planet, the audience dives under the sea and is allowed to experience life below the surface at eye level with the fish and other undersea creatures that live there. The building itself is designed as a large vortex and elements from the sea are reflected everywhere. The colors are kept in shades of blue, waves are projected on the ceiling, and it feels and sounds as if you are under the sea.

Stouenborg took up the challenge of creating a realistic sound page, which should complement the visual elements and give an experience of being under the sea. The result is an evocative atmosphere that draws visitors in and lets them become part of itundersøisk environment so that the aquariums become more-dimension-elle.

Because sound behaves significantly differently in water than in air, Stouenborg had to put creativity into play to solve the task. It ended up with more than 600 sound tracks, recorded especially for Den Blå Planet, which are played in layers, on top of each other in 11 different speaker zones. It's all controlled with Meyer Sounds D-Mitri system, which is otherwise only used in big shows like Cirque du Solieil and in Disneyland.With its award-winning soundscape filled with all the sounds the sea has to offer - from lapping waves and bubbles to singing corals - Den Blå Planet is not just an aquarium where the audience stands behind the glass and looks in.

It is a unique experience where the viewer gets the feeling of standing in the middle of the roaring sea together with the sea animals.

The Blue Planet - interactive information board

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