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Falconer Concert Hall

Falconer Concert hall
The facede of Falconer Concert hall
Falconer Concert hall stage with a concert

The Flaconer Concert Hall has been in the heart of Frederiksberg since the 1950s, and with so many years behind it, it was now time to modernize. The building itself, the Falkonercentret, is owned by ATP Ejendomme and in 2016, together with Scandic as hotel operator, they decided to renovate the classic building.

Stouenborg was chosen as consultants for sound, acoustics, lighting and AV as well as total supplier for lighting, sound, acoustics and infrastructure. In such an old building, there is of course a lot that needs to be redone – from the stage and the acoustics to the lighting and sight lines in the hall. But all the work is done with respect for the original building, so when the acoustics e.g. should be improved to prevent bounce from the walls and ceiling, small adjustments are made which should not be visible, but which will no doubt be heard.

Of course, a modern renovation also includes concern for the environment and sustainability, and in the Falconer Concert Hall every detail has been thought of. What can be repaired is repaired, all old equipment that can be updated is updated, and what can no longer be used is sent for recycling elsewhere.

The work has been a long time coming, but in August 2019 the new Falconer Concert Hall will finally open its doors for musicals, concerts and much more. The Falcon Center will be a building that unites the past with the future. The traditional architecture and style have been retained, while a completely new technical infrastructure breathes life into the building and ensures modern quality experiences with top-class sound.

Falconer Concert hall stage

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