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Ghetto blaster

Tuborgs "Ghetto blaster" - mobile concert stage at Roskilde Festival
Tuborgs "Ghetto blaster" - mobile concert stage at Roskilde Festival

One of the smaller – and more fun – projects in Stouenborgs portfolio is the Tuborg ghetto blaster, which was created for RoskildeThe festival in 2014. Roskilde Festival is known for good music and beer in stride, so what could be more obvious than combining the two things? In any case, that was the idea behind the ghetto blaster, which was sponsored by Tuborg, which has added both name and logo to the project.

The ghetto blaster itself was actually an old container that was converted and put on the wheels of a truck so that it could drive around the entire festival area as a large, mobile party. Two large loudspeakers, shaped like Tuborgs well-known logo, were mounted on the outside of the container, and lights and LED screens were installed on the side, so that the ghetto blaster could create a blast of a party wherever it went.

As if that wasn't enough, it was also equipped with a smoke machine and an automatic podium where the DJ could be driven up to the top from inside the ghetto blaster, much to the delight of the audience. It may well be that the Orange stage is Roskilde Festivals best-known attraction, but the Tuborg ghetto blaster could do something that the Orange Stage can't, because here it wasn't the audience that came to the concert, but the concert that came to the audience. With the ghetto blaster, the party was driven out to the guests, and regardless of where it landed, the atmosphere was high from the start. It was such a success in 2014 that it made a comeback the following years, and festival-goers have never forgotten it since. The Tuborg ghetto blaster was last seen in 2016, but the legend still lives on.

Tuborgs "Ghetto blaster" - mobile concert stage at Roskilde Festival

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