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The new HC Andersens House

H.C. Andersens House - The nightingale
H.C. Andersens House - museum
H.C. Andersens House - paper clip

A long journey has come to an end and in June Odense  a beautiful and adventurous experience became richer when the new HC Andersens House opened its doors to its audience.

The poetic house was designed by the world-famous architect Kengo Kuma. The architecture shows modern building and exhibition art that elegantly captures Andersens simple but ambiguous universe.
The exhibition has been developed and designed by Odense City Museums and Event Communications in collaboration with 12 international artists and shows all of Andersens whimsical adventures in a new way. Over the past year, Stouenborg has installed the program and been creative sparring partners for the entire artistic team with a contract under the AP Møller Foundation. Among other things, we have installed more than 40 projectors, 60 speakers and 40 screens that are all linked together in a larger network and controlled from a simple touch panel.

We are looking forward to showing off this beautiful exhibition which will have a soft opening next month towards autumn. 
Congratulations to everyone who helped and was part of the project. 

H.C. Andersens House - book

You can also read about our project with BIO4.

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