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Imagine - Aarhus theatre

"Imagine" show on Aarhus theater
"Imagine" show on Aarhus theater
"Imagine" show on Aarhus theater

After 2015, Århus theater staged the theater concert "Imagine" in collaboration with Aveny-T in Copenhagen. The critically acclaimed performance deals with a reinterpretation of some of John Lenons songs, mainly from his time as a solo artist. The universe, which first took place in Århus theatre, and later in the Aveny-T theater in Copenhagen, was created in a collaboration between director Maria, Kjærgaard-Sunesen, scenographer Maja Ravn, lighting designer Anders Kjems and video designer Kasper Stouenborg.

In addition to Kasper Stouenborg being responsible for the video design, we at Stouenborg were also tasked with delivering the complete video system for the entire performance.

The performance has received a lot of praise from reviewers who, among other things, write:

"The great thing about the performing arts is that theater isn't always there to entertain. Theater likes to hurt. So bad that the impression and the dance over the register of emotions moves outside the halls doors. This scenic gift 'Imagine' was able to present to the audience in the finest way.”

- Sofie Amalie Dammeyer Johansen from Ungt Teaterblod.

"The theater concert Imagine offers both comical and at times almost touching elements. The cast are well-singing and committed and create a successful overall experience."

- Trine Wøldiche from Kultunaut.

"Imagine" show on Aarhus theater

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