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Maersk Tower - University of Copenhagen

Maersk Tower
Maersk Tower - meeting room

In the heart of Copenhagen, Maersk Tower stands 75 meters tall. It is the newest addition to the Panum Institute in Copenhagen and houses both students and scientists. The view from the conference rooms on the top floor is breathtaking and the auditoriums on the ground floor are fully equiped with the newest, most innovative technology.

Stouenborg was part of the Maersk Tower project as AV installers, and with the usual construction delays it was a tight schedule from the get go. Strapped for time, Stouenborg’s skilled installation team went to work laying 22 kilometers of cables and installing 350 speakers in the building. The project required a total of 20.000 man-hours before completion in 2017.

On this project we used several of Stouenborg's own products such asthe floor well,the projector noise boxandthe acoustic wall

The result is an inspiring and modern learning environment that accommodates the needs of both students and scientists. The three main auditoriums are equipped with Meyer Sound’s acoustic “Constellation System”. Packed with speakers and microphones hanging in wires from the ceiling, it is possible for students to hear the lecturer clearly regardless of where they are seated. At the push of a button, Q&A mode can be enabled making both questions and answers audible without interference from background noise.

Maersk Tower has received no less than seven awards, one of them as The World’s Best Health Building. In 2017, Stouenborg received its own InAVation Award in the category of Education for its AV installations in the tower.

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Maersk Tower - control system
Photos: Laura Stamer
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