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Mungo Park

Mungo Park - stage
Mungo Park - drawing of the stage
Mungo Park

A new theater hall for Mungo Park Teatret in Allerød is well on its way to becoming a reality together with Mungo Park Teater and Adserballe & Knudsen A/S as main contractor.

In Stouenborg, since 2020 we have worked with the design and consultancy of the future hall in close collaboration with CCO Architects, Oluf Jørgensen Engineers and the theatres technical staff.

We look forward to the continued work with the project, where we advise on the stage technical aspects and how to combine the high scenic ambitions with the reality of a construction process.

You can also read about our project the museum exhibition 'KA-CHING! - Show me the money' at the National Museum.

The facade of Mungo Park
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