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Nick Cave

Nick Cave - exhibition
Nick Cave - exhibition

At the end of 2019, the National Gallery of Denmark opened a new, beautiful auditorium. The architects are Berthelsen and Schling and the project was founded by the A.P. Møller Foundation.

At the inauguration, the auditorium and all its facets were presented through a concert with Concerto Copenhagen and video art installations by Jesper Just (Sirens of Chrome, 2010) and Amalie Smith (ENTER, 2018) - and of course an inauguration speech by museum director Mikkel Bogh.

We used e.g. of loudspeakers in all the rooms, as it was important for the immersion in the exhibition that the sound filled the entire room, but without going through to the next. In addition, there should also be small local sounds in different places in the room. We also used projectors to fulfill some of the wishes Nick Cave and the rest of the team had. This was expressed in, among other things, the room called "Beautiful Chaos", where a music video was to be displayed on a three-dimensional surface.

You can also read about our project with Aarhus School of Architecture.

Nick Cave - exhibition
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