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Odense Theatre

Odense Theater - entrence
Odense Theater - control system
Odense Theater - speaker

Odense Theater wanted to install a surround system that could break the fourth wall between the stage and the audience in order to capture and involve the audience in the story and give them a unique, captivating theater experience in Odense Theaters old beautiful theatre.

But the world of theater is busy, and therefore Stouenborg had to install the large system in just 14 days, during which they managed to get both 3 km of cable and 70 speakers invisibly incorporated into the beautiful, 100-year-old theater hall.

At the same time as installing the surround system, Odense theater chose to upgrade with a Meyer Sound center cluster and the compact MINA line array as well as additional subwoofers.

The result is an almost invisible sound system that reaches out into the entire theater space and captures the audience from the balcony to the parquet, and both Odense Theater and the reviewers were deeply enthusiastic about the new sound, which has been used at all performances since the installation was completed.

Odense Theater - stage
Photos: Laura Stamer

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