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Rhythmic Music Conservatory

Rhythmic Music Consercatory with audiance
Rhythmic Music Consercatory
Rhythmic Music Consercatory - stage

At Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium, the sound technicians of the future are trained. The Music Technology Program education is housed in the beautiful surroundings of Holmen, and although it contains a lot of theory, the practical aspect also plays a large part in the daily life of the budding young musical talents.

The conservatorys concert hall forms the setting for graduate concerts, masterclasses and music festivals, and since a new PA system had to be installed, it was therefore necessary to find a classical sound system that was flexible and intuitive to use at the same time. Stouenborgs obvious choice for such a PA system was Meyer Sounds loudspeaker system, which with its flexibility and strength ensures a stable performance and allows the students to try out the many possibilities of sound technology in practice. In this way, the students have access to a traditional sound set-up that is both educational but also offers countless opportunities for creative expression. The concert hall can accommodate both professional setups and is also a playground for the students, who can experiment with the sound and find their own style, while also learning the basic techniques.

With input from Stouenborg and the installation of the Meyer Sound PA system, the concert hall has become a creative tool for the students at Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium, and if you stop by for one of the many events, you can get a small taste of tomorrows sound.

Rhythmic Music Consercatory - stage

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