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Sound system - Stengade

Stengade - stage
Stengade - System
Stengade - mixerpult

For more than 40 years, the concert venue Stengade has been a part of the vibrant Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Through the years it has built a legacy of housing both local and upcoming artists. During the summer of 2019, Stengade made extensive renova-tions to which Stouenborg contributed with a brand-new sound system. The system is from Meyer Sound and is made up of a UX-40 and a 750LFC as a center subwoofer.

The result is palpable. Stengade’s sound technician describes it as a form of black magic: “The power of the system is unmatched”. The sound is now evenly distributed in the room, ending discussions over the best spots as the guests will have identical sound experiences wherever they stand.

You can also read about our project with Helsingør Culture Yard.

Stengade - stage
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